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We live in a world where the number of clever devices plugged in our homes are growing by the day.

We rely on those connected devices to better understand the environment around us and ourselves.
The aim is to improve quality of life, save energy and enrich the environment we live in.

SPI bank

SPi stands for “Secure Personal Information” and is here to collect, manage and create value from your data on your behalf.

You Are In Control

We put you in control in every step, making sure that you know what information comes out of your home and how it is used.

Data Analysis

SPi-bank will analyse your data and create reports to help you understand your energy consumption, the quality of the environment you live in and many more.

Imagine a place where all the data from your connected devices are collected and securely stored.

A place that only you have access and control on what information is kept and how it is used. Something like a bank that holds and manages your money, but instead the asset here is your personal information.
This is SPi-Bank

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If you wish, we can use your information in market analysis reports which we will sell to 3rd parties.
Some of the money will go back to you, for your participation.
We can monetize only the data you allow to be used, and we can act as your broker to market research companies.

Your data, your privacy, your control